Skopelos is a Greek island located off the coast of Thessaly, almost 200 km north of Athens. Most of the island is covered with pine forests, and it is one of Greece's most verdant islands due to it's many natural springs. Villa Olivia is located near Glossa, a beautiful and extremely authentic Greek village. The area offers experiences for any taste - hiking in natural surroundings and mountain villages, motor boat rental with trips out to small secluded private beaches or cocktails in Skopelos by night.

Life in the house

The key feature of Villa Olivia is the terrace where people stay for most of the day enjoying the view, which is truly stunning - especially around sunset. Whether you eat a delicious meal together, sunbathe, lie down and cool down in the pool or sit and enjoy a cool beer in the shade, this is where you stay.
There is an outdoor kitchen with barbecue complement the kitchen in the main house where there is convection oven and induction plates - and a dishwasher. Despite all the island has to offer, few things can compare to a good drink on the terrace at sundown while the kids are playing in the pool.