When staying on Skopelos, whether in Villa Olivia or elsewhere, the following ‘maps’ should help make it easier getting around.

The route to Villa Olivia from the main road between Glossa and Skopelos is not long. It is rather narrow and steep, though, and there is a general unspoken rule that cars driving up give way to cars driving down. There are many spots along the way where cars can pass each other, and backing downhill to one of these spots is way easier than backing uphill.
The local village of Glossa is a beautiful and idyllic place to spend time. Excellent dining, light shopping and many sights around.
The local port village of Loutraki has beaches, groceries, caf├ęs, excellent tavernas and much more.
10 minutes along the main road to Skopelos will take you to Elios or Neo Klima, as it is also called. This small calm port village has tavernas, boat rental and groceries.
Another 10 minutes of driving through the pine forest will take you to Panormos Bay, where there is a nice beach and a bunch of good tavernas.
Panormos also has a lot to offer when it comes to dining experiences. Try Pavlos for a highly authentic dining Greek experience. Ash to see the selection inside in the cooling counter.
Skopelos offers a wide selection of dining experiences, and is the main hub for shopping. Sklavenitis Super Market (Yes, I spelled that correctly) is a very good place to start
Beaches – there are plenty of them. Check out the weather forecast before deciding on a beach – consider choosing one on the sheltered side of the island.
Skopelos has more hiking opportunities than most places, and it is nigh impossible to sketch them all on a map. If you were to start somewhere, start with a hike to Delphi or to Sentoukia.
The car needs fuel to get you anywhere, and this map shows the local fuel sources.